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Don’t fear change

Posted by Judi Vitale  Oct 28, 2021 9:46:01 AM

Expand your practice with Hypnotherapy


The state of the mental health business

It seems as though everything has changed over the last few years, and that includes what its like to work as a mental health professional. According to mental health industry experts, the COVID-19 pandemic put a tremendous strain on the system. Increased demand overtaxed staff, while additional costs made it harder than ever for smaller clinics and other institutions to remain solvent. 


When a clinic is having problems making ends meet, staff cuts are often the result. Life gets more difficult for those whose jobs get cut, but things also get harder for those who stay, because they get overwhelmed by heavier case loads.


While all this is going on, there are more clients than ever due to the anxiety this changing world has stirred up among the general population. According to this post from  Behavioral Health Business, the number of people seeking relief from anxiety in the first month of the pandemic was the same as the number that sought help during the entire previous year!


How you can change your life

Mental health practitioners frequently find themselves in the position of advising clients and patients to change their lives. Obviously, the pandemic forced many of them to do exactly that, more than ever before. The problem is...most people dont like change. They like to keep things the way they are.


The same goes for mental health practitioners. Who wants to hear that the work situation theyve worked toward for many years has just been snatched away from them? Who wants to admit that they simply cant keep up with the number of cases that have been heaped onto their professional plates? 


Maybe you thought you had a secure job at one of these clinics that has been forced to cut staff. If you managed to keep your position, you probably are now faced with a caseload that makes you want to reach out for help with your own anxiety. If you could get advice from a wise practitioner such as yourself, would it not be to find some way to change your life?


No matter how secure you felt, or feel now, about that job you had, you probably will have to make some changes! Maybe you want to branch out to open your own practice. Or, if you already have, and you are overtaxed by clients whose insurance pays you very little, you may want to develop a practice that has a bigger cash pay component.


How can you do this? When you expand your skills, work on your own healing and development, and become qualified to help your clients heal with powerful and effective techniques, you can do just about anything you want.


Hypnotherapy: an opportunity to expand your practice and nurture yourself

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy is a modality that you can use to change your life as well as lift up the spirits of overwrought clients. Through hypnotherapy, you can help clients heal the deep childhood wounds that interfere with their success in the present day.


Whats more, when you learn Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy at The Wellness Institute, the experiential nature of our training puts you on the path to healing. At the earliest stages, in the six-day training program, you will get two opportunities to be treated as a client, two chances to be a hypnotherapist, and two sessions to watch. Your experience with this potent modality will allow your enthusiasm for change to be reborn, and youll be able to transform your life. Heres how:


  • Reboot your career. Expand your offerings with hypnotherapy.

  • Heal your own burnoutby developing new ways to cope with stress.

  • Expand your client base with our weight-release program, Trim Life.

  • Deepen your skills and your own healing with the Advanced internship.

  • Teach classes in your community when you become a Personal Transformation Intensive leade

  • Diversify your practice with our soon-to-be relaunched Coaching Certification program.



Dont fear change, go with the flow!

No matter how much the circumstances of life might change, you can turn your life around so that its profitable, promising, and fulfilling. Many of our graduates tell us, after adding hypnotherapy to their practices and branching out to open their own offices, they have tripled and quadrupled the income they made at jobs they had before. 


Changing your life with hypnotherapy is easy. At The Wellness Institute, you can complete your training in the certification program in just six days! All our classes are offered online, so you wont have to leave town or go through the trouble and expense of travel and accommodations.


When we know we have to change, the best thing we can do is go with the flow. With hypnotherapy, youll learn how to embrace new ways of doing the work you love, and become able to expand your practice so it reaches more people and makes you more financially secure than ever. 


If you’re a therapist, hold a master’s or Ph.D. in mental health, you are a perfect candidate for training from The Wellness Institute. The demand for our classes continues to grow, so dont delay.


Enroll in our six-day training program today!

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