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Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy offers in-class continuing education

Posted by Judi Vitale  Oct 8, 2021 6:18:30 AM

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy offers in-class continuing education that will change your practice, and your life.


When the deadline for completing your in-class continuing education units (CEUs) comes around, finding something you want to learn and can use in your practice becomes a big priority. You have tons of options for completing your CEU requirement, but you dont always find or take the best one for you . 


You might wind up pursuing a topic in your field that simply rehashes what you already know. You could also enroll in a class that isnt even remotely interesting, or useful, for you. Or, you could get involved with a program that allows you to develop a new skill that can increase the quality of your practice and change the trajectory of your career.


How is that possible? The Six-Day Training and Certification Program offered by The Wellness Institute will give you everything you need to add Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy to your skill set. As a hypnotherapist, you can help your patients and clients advance their healing through accessing unconscious urges and misconceptions and re-framing them so they can release old patterns, destructive habits, and rebuild self-image and confidence.


What can you do with Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy?

As a social worker, psychologist, counselor, marriage and family therapist, you realize that conventional forms of therapy dont always work quickly for every client. Many, when challenged to remember childhood memories, find themselves drawing a blank. Other clients might also remember that they withstood childhood trauma, but consider it to be no big deal.”

People who are trying to solve their psychological issues are willing to try to put things together, but when the effects of trauma cause them to block or dismiss old memories, processing them with talk therapy alone becomes difficult, if not impossible.


If youre a nurse or other medical professional, your patients might need help transforming their self image so they can stop smoking, or manage a substance abuse problem or eating disorder. 


Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, by giving you the ability to guide your clients and patients through a process of relaxation, regression, and reframing, provides an extremely powerful way of helping them make major changes in their lives. Here are just a few enhancements you can add to your practice once you complete your training at The Wellness Institute.

Treatment of:

  • Codependency
  • Substance Abuse
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Mind-body issues
  • Eating disorders
  • Sex addiction
  • Love addiction
  • Relationship issues
  • Dissociation

Ability to:

  • Retrieve and restore full functioning of the CNS

  • Provide insight into the impact of family dynamics

  • Allow clients to discover, address and resolve pre- and perinatal trauma

  • Discover deep connections between a variety of relationship partners and issues that continue to come up for you

  • Provide clients with techniques to attenuate destructive urges and impulses

Expand your practice with group classes:


The model offered by The Wellness Institute is a rich combination of educational and experiential components. By the third day of your Six-Day training, youll get to try out your skills as a therapist, gain access to healing through the experience of being a client, and also take in the process as an observer.


CEUs that mean real change for you

The need for Continuing Education is a reality for mental health practitioners, nurses, and other professionals. Why waste your time with classes that have little or no use to you, when you can change the lives of the people you work with, as well as your own, with Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy?


We have even more good news for you. The Six-Day Training and Certification program is just the beginning. You can continue to get additional CEUs as you delve more deeply into Wellness Programs such as the Advanced Internship, PTI Leadership Training, and our teacher training entitled The Mentorship Program. We do our trainings on Zoom so you save money with no room and board costs, and no travel!



Read more about the CEUs you can earn through Wellness Institute programs here, and enroll in our Six Day Training and Certification Program today! Classes are filling up fast, and it just might be time for you to get those CEUs!