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Tips for Therapists to Protect Themselves from the Negative Energy of Others

Posted by Diane Zimberoff  Aug 31, 2017 12:00:00 PM

Before performing any Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, subtle energy work, spirit contact, trance work, meditation and before and during sessions with each individual client, it's always important to protect yourself. This is especially important with clients who feel toxic and who have had a lot of trauma in their lives. Also important if you are determined to be an empath.

Since not everyone visualizes, kinesthetic and auditory people may use specific music that creates the feeling of warmth, safety and physical protection.

BEGIN PROTECTION PROCESS: (You may want to record this for yourself on your phone to play before and after every session)


Now, sit in a meditation posture with spine straight (or whatever is comfortable) and begin by closing your eyes and gently breathing in and out through your nose and into your heart-chakra. Quiet your mind and just feel the healing energy of your breath, in and out.


  • Now begin by visualizing a glowing white light filling up the doorway of your home or office where you are sitting. Now breathe that white light into the full room to raise the vibrations of anyone who may enter. Breathe this light, created entirely from love and light into every corner of your space. Continue for a few moments to fill up your space with white light.
  • Now, visualize and feel any calming vision right into your heart center. With each breath, feel the beautiful white light coming into your heart-center, right in the center of your chest. Continue inhaling through your nose, taking long slow deep breaths in through your nose and slowly exhaling gently (do not blow the air out) through your mouth.
  • In this meditative state, visualize, feel and experience this beautiful, soft white light streaming down from the universe above and know that this is all encompassing spiritual protection through the power of love.
  • As it surrounds you, perhaps you can feel it or see it like cotton candy, gently and loosely wrapping around your energy field. breathing in and out to protect you from anything that is not love. It may even turn into a glowing white light as it brings gentle love to all that is within and all that is outside of your energy field.
  • Now, allow this amazing, protective and intensely bright, white light to form a three dimensional shield around your mind/body/spirit complex. As love is the great protector, no negative energies can penetrate this energetic barrier. Affirm, “I know that this is true, as this is the full intent of my mind, body and spirit!” By affirming this, you make it possible from the perspective of all time and space, therefore making it effective.
  • Now, to continue to protect your own physical body, visualize and feel this white light streaming brightly down from the universe and know that this is true healing energetic love. Slowly and easily, invite and feel the brilliant white light to flow into the top of your head and down through each chakra, in turn filling your entire body with white light. Feel the brilliant white light surrounding you and at the same time radiating from you. Experience the intent for this energy to heal and protect you and your clients and family members from any and all energies that are not yours or are not healing. 

Do this White Light of Protection Meditation as often during the day as you can, especially if you are an empath!

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