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The Wellness Institute: Spiritual Training for Clinicians in the New Age

Posted by David Hartman  Jun 1, 2021 7:24:18 AM

At the Wellness Institute, we have always been innovative. We work on the cutting edge, pushing the envelope, and blurring the boundaries between clinical work and spiritual work. At many times in the Institute’s history, people have wondered whether the integration of spiritual traditions and practices was a viable way to help people to heal their traumatic wounds in the modern world.


Through the years, we have firmly held to our principles and our practices, and now more than ever, we believe the techniques that we teach and the innovative ways in which we present them are perfectly designed to be a most effective tool for these times.


This is an astounding era in history. Many philosophers, spiritual teachers, and holistic practitioners tell us we are coming out of the Piscean age, and moving into the Age of Aquarius. Those more familiar with the Eastern perspective on the cosmos say we are exiting the Kali Yuga. They are saying in essence the same thing.


Our solar system is about to be influenced by new and different energy. The Age of Aquarius offers the promise of people connecting in new ways and growing in consciousness. It also confers upon people who are born into it, even in this period of transition, a special connection with the world we cannot see with our physical eyes.


At the Wellness Institute, we always honor what is going on for us as a planet, in our part of the universe. That’s why we’d like to take a moment now to think about not only what is happening, but also to explain how we can provide training to accommodate the new souls that are coming into our world. Let’s start by understanding more about the children and young adults who are being born into this new age.



Those who are born into the Age of Aquarius have different life-values, challenges and gifts than babies born in the depths of the Kali Yuga, the age of destruction. Those Souls born into the previous age, the Kali Yuga, came here with a clear intention to fight wars, defend property, protect family members and deal with the scarcity of goods and services. Their souls’ purpose was clearly focused on basic survival! Their lessons and gifts often took them down to the basest forms of human existence. Envision the World Wars and the Great Depression.


Now these newer Souls, often referred to as Crystal children, have innate abilities that their elders do not possess. They seem to be born with easy access to their “sixth sense,” and an innate curiosity about exploring other realms or dimensions.


Even if their elders (Kali Yuga souls) do possess talents of clairvoyance, etc., they have only developed them through a lifetime of searching for Spiritual teachers, elders and leaders to help them to discover, define and refine the talents these Crystal children instinctively seem to possess from birth.



At this point in history, we are in days of specialization. A truly well-rounded education is not as valued by younger people as it was in times past. Now, many people specialize in teaching yoga, Tai Chi, Karate and Kundalini, and other physical forms of remaining healthy, attractive and strong. 


These are all very laudable talents and lifestyles which may even bring glimpses of enlightenment. However, this new consciousness also brings with it some drawbacks. The drawbacks would appear to be a certain sense of entitlement that proclaims, “I am an expert at ……… (insert any specialty here) ……” 


Many of these young, talented folks apply for a job and expect to be hired and to start at the top of the totem pole from the outset. They apply for positions that are beyond their true qualifications, often without the education needed to prepare them to be successful. Still, they have expectations that exceed their experience, and depth of knowledge that exceeds their years.


This is true in academic, professional and physical situations, as well as in spiritual practice.



Too many people limit themselves to physical forms of spiritual practice. Focusing on the body can be a good thing, but it isn’t the only thing. For many people, the body and mind become the main points of focus early on, and in our current system of education, it stays that way. As people proceed through life, they may find teachers that lead them in the direction of becoming more well-rounded, but many times they are not even aware enough to know what they have called in and so this only happens by chance. 


At a certain point in a person’s life, it’s hoped that teachers will lead us toward the studies that broaden the mind. This would include learning theories and doing research on the subjects they are drawn to. In the example of yoga, learning about Patanjali and other yogic masters who bring in teachings of the chakra and energy systems, would be a good avenue to pursue. The chakras, once energetically opened up, can often contribute to healing of the mind, body and spirit. Yogic postures are certainly the beginning of opening up these systems.


That is why we focus on the chakra systems when we present Heart-Centered Therapies to clinicians.


From the physical path of yoga postures, the chakras are stimulated. Then, they incorporate the energetic field that surrounds the entire body and radiate outward energetically. This is how

the chakra system governs every aspect of the mind, body and emotions. When they are opened up even further, the chakra energy centers can then take us through portals that lead to higher levels of consciousness. 


The third eye is the chakra which is associated with the color of indigo/violet and is located in the middle of the forehead. Some people, when meditating, experience a tingling sensation here and may even begin to see colors. When working with a master or an evolved teacher, the seeker may begin to have dreams, visions and spiritual awakenings. 


If these visions become frightening, the seeker may have wandered onto the Astral plane of consciousness. This can be not only disturbing but may also lead this eager seeker onto a path of delusion, confusion and ultimate despair. This is why when moving into this spiritual path, it is so important to have an experienced teacher.


Proper instruction is often difficult to find. However, most often if this seeker is sincere, dedicated, discerning and persevering, he or she will be led to the karmic lessons and teachers intended especially for his or her soul to reach enlightenment.


At Wellness, we offer this kind of training. It’s very important to know, however, that this is not going to happen at one workshop, with one teacher or in a specific time frame. This is often a lifelong search, a process often bringing with it the many unexpected twists and turns along the path. This is why we offer a multi-level program, designed to assist sincere clinicians as they pursue a richer, more fulfilling path, over a period of years.


Our teachers don’t necessarily have long gowns or saris, wear all white, or escort students to ashrams in The Himalayas. Teachers come in many forms, so that they may serve many kinds of people. At Wellness, if you as a seeker are as open as you are discerning, you will find teachers who will serve you well. All of our teachers have at least five plus years of supervised training.



Those who have been successful in learning and using the techniques began by learning the biggest lesson for all of us spiritual seekers. This is humility and the very important Buddhist teaching of Beginner’s Mind. This is the attitude that says “I know nothing! I am a student and I’m here to learn.” 


Often when teachers are presenting their lessons, students tend to say things such as, “I know….” It is as though the student is putting up a stop sign to the teacher which says, “I know it all, there is nothing you can teach me, and you don’t even need to waste your breath.” Sometimes, the way we see ourselves as clinicians interferes with our ability to open that beginner’s mind.


Here are some other attributes that make good learners, that we have learned from the teachers who were integral contributors to our Institute’s foundations.



This is one of the most difficult postures to assume. The posture of humility is often confused with low self-esteem. But true humility is a strength. It is the ability to put aside the ego that says, “I know”, while we become more open and listen to what we may not yet know.



It is essential to become aware of this concept. Many times, people get so wrapped up in spiritual teachings, they go just a little bit too far. One of our enlightened teachers demonstrated this to us many years ago. She had offered an amazing meditation, where we were all transported into a place we had never been before. We had a true experience of Oneness and beyond


Then, just as she was calling us back into our bodies and into the room, one of us had been taken into a state of Samadhi and really didn’t want to come back. This man was in ecstasy! The teacher looked at him and called his spiritual name, Babaji Hanuman, which did bring him back into his body and into the room. 


After that, she looked at him and said, “Babaji, you need to come back into your body and into this world! After all someone has to come down to earth to pay the bills!”


With that pointed comment, she was teaching us that we have been brought into this lifetime as householders, not sadus. Sadus are spiritual beings who are born into this lifetime as seekers. They often wander all over the Himalayan Mountains, sleeping wherever they land. They have no possessions and if you try to give them something, they will look at it, feel it and then with a smile, offer it back to you. They have no pockets and they see material possessions as burdens. 


While this certainly is one very noble way for people to be, it isn’t the way this man, or any of us, were equipped to live!



Still, the sadu has much to teach us, too. Without having to worry about losing our possessions, just imagine all the fears that are lifted! One never has to be concerned about losing something or being robbed! One never has to even think about how to protect their stuff!


Here’s how the lesson was brought to Diane, many years ago in India.


“I once walked with an enlightened Master who had nothing but the orange robes on his back. He invited me to walk with him. It was an invitation to be taught by him, quite an honor, that took me quite a while to grasp. I had quite a load with me. I was carrying my backpack with sleeping bag, clothes, books and more. Before coming to India, I had carefully culled through all my possessions and chosen only things that I thought I needed and books I wanted to read.


He motioned to me to walk with him! Wow, quite an invitation! As we walked together, he was walking faster than I was and I soon began huffing and puffing due to the weight of my possessions. “Okay, I got it! Possessions often become a burden!”  “Can we slow down now and perhaps take a rest?” 


It took me some time to realize we were communicating telepathically, since neither of us spoke the other’s language! The message he communicated to me was to put down my backpack and leave it leaning next to this tree!

What? How would I survive? This is my stuff and I need it! Or so I thought.


He didn’t move, but just sat there next to me just grinning!


 “Okay, I thought to myself, he’s not moving until I take off my backpack and leave it here!”


And I did. And when I did, I was brought to one of the most life-changing experiences of my life up until that time.


I had the freedom of being set free from my fear of losing my possessions - and now I could see my true identity!”



As you can see, when we say that we at the Wellness Institute have experienced learning about spirituality first-hand, we are quite serious! We realize that many people are resistant about entering into the spiritual realm or blending it with their clinical work. Still, we know that without learning about the spiritual foundations that shape the mind and body of each individual, we are not fully equipped to help them heal.


That is why, as we enter this new age, we are confident in the way we teach healers to heal themselves and then to facilitate the healing processes of their clients by blending clinical and spiritual practices. The Wellness Institute is where you can get cutting-edge education that is in harmony with the spirit of the Age of Aquarius.




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Whether you’ve been with us before, are still involved in our programs, or are brand new, we want you to know how we feel as we reach out to give you a warm embrace: “Welcome to the New Age with Wellness!”

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