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The Wellness Institute Provides the Best Hypnotherapy Training in Florida

Posted by Sarah Dickey  May 11, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Do you find that your clients are resistant to the treatment methods you are currently offering?

Would you like to expand your knowledge and skill set?

Are you looking for a life changing continuing education experience?

Have you contemplated opening a private practice and taking off in the entrepreneurial realm of your life? 

If you have said yes to any of the questions above, you will likely be an amazing fit for our Six-Day Training Program.  Say YES to The Wellness Institute’s Six Day Training Program in Florida.  Our past participants rave about their experience!   We truly do offer the best Hypnotherapy training program in Florida

“After graduating from my Master’s Degree in mental health and obtaining my LMHC I was feeling a desire to further my training and to feel more confident as a therapist. I knew I wanted to work more with trauma clients but felt lost about how to increase my skills and help clients process deeper issues. When I saw a friend doing HCH I was amazed and decided to do the training. I can honestly say that it has been the best decision of my professional career. I feel so much more confident and I feel like I am finally doing the awesome trauma work with clients I have always dreamed of. I am so very thankful for The Wellness Institute. I feel I have found my calling. My clients benefit so much and tell me how much they love the HCH. It makes my career fulfilling to see how I can touch my clients. I work in a rehab facility in Fort Lauderdale but plan to start my own private practice in the future."  ~Christine Lovelli

Hypnotherapy is incredibly effective as it allows you to become the expert in your field.  You can learn Hypnotherapy in Six Days!  The Wellness Institute’s six-day program in Florida offers you a chance to earn 60 hours of CEU’s

The Wellness Institute attracts an assortment of mental health professionals and health care providers who have a basic understanding of developing rapport, making assessments and DSM diagnostics, as well as a broad spectrum understanding of various counseling techniques.  Why is this so critical in your six-day experience?  Because of the level of understanding cultivated in The Wellness Institute’s program and the level of professionals attending, the program dives right into an experiential understanding of the material.  The six-day program is 30% lecture and 70% hands-on! 

What will you learn in your Six-Day experience?

  • You will learn the basics about the subconscious mind, you will be guided through a step-by step model for inducing the trance state, you will recognize the trance depth of your clients, and access to an amazing array of hypnotic suggestions.
  • A working understanding of the Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy model with live demonstration sessions of theory in action.
  • The formation of groups of threes in which you will begin working hands-on with one another experiencing hypnotherapy.
  • A full spectrum glance into how hypnotherapy helps to treat common mental issues, such as addiction, depression, trauma, phobias, anxiety, sexual/physical abuse and more.
  • And finally, you will end the training where life begins: in the womb. You will learn how hypnotherapy helps with pregnancy and birth issues, and how many adult issues originate in the womb. 

The six-day experience is life changing.  As soon as you return home from this experience, you will be able to begin confidently practicing hypnotherapy.  You’ll be able to refine your skill set and listen to your intuition in innovative and self-confident ways.  Hypnotherapy works because it accesses the subconscious mind, and it is here that clients can return to the source of their issues so that they may receive valuable information that can help promote healing and relaxation. 

“I was attracted to Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy because I was looking for a way to break through plateaus with my clients.  Hypnotherapy aides in addressing clients’ resistance. They are able to revisit those old traumas which have been blocking their healing and forward progress without the cognitive blocks that they place out of fear and to stay safe.

Using this process has made me a more genuine therapist, having experienced the process myself, I now respond with a more open heart.”  ~Cathe

Certification Process:

To receive your certification from The Wellness Institute, you will need to complete 20 practice sessions with clients.  This streamlined process is clearly laid out in the six-day.  You will complete two of your required 20 sessions during your six-day experience.   As you move through your sessions you might find yourself even more curious than when you began.  

The Wellness Institute offers foundational learning for the participants of the six-day program.  As students have progressed through the six-day experience they often request an even deeper and more fulfilling experience.  The Wellness Institute has created a two-year Advanced Internship Training that meets for four extended weekends per year, with the same students in each group for the entire two years.

Goals of the six-day experience:

  • Access the subconscious.
  • Treat people, don’t talk.
  • Designed for licensed therapists.
  • Opportunities for advancement.
  • Personal Transformation.
  • Lifetime support.
  • An array of treatment options.
  • Work with the best teachers in the field.
  • Start or grow your private practice.

“My training with The Wellness Institute has been an amazing journey of discovery and growth.  I have learned so much more than I ever expected.  The skills I acquired gave me a sense of competency that I was never able to obtain throughout my full educational career.  The training  provided me with the education, experience and courage I needed to move forward successfully in my practice.   Choosing to participate in The Wellness Institute trainings has been an investment in myself that has given back ten times over!”  

-Erika Cohane, LCSW

Give yourself the gift of transforming your own life so that you may grow your sense of self-awareness and deepen your ability to engage with your clients.  Not only will you walk away with a new billable skill set, you will also continually create growth and expansion in your own life.   If you are looking to better treat and heal your clients, you’ve found it.  Give us a call (800) 326-4418 today to inquire about our six-day training in Florida.  We offer the best Hypnotherapy Training in the Sunshine State. 

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