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The Soul Angle: Why Wellness Hypnotherapy Training is Uniquely Powerful

Posted by Judi Vitale  Jun 8, 2022 8:32:19 AM

 Human beings are infinitely complex, and as therapists, we have the privilege of working with the wonders of the inner world of our clients. While this is rewarding, addressing our clients’ idiosyncrasies can get very tricky, especially if we don’t consider all there is within a person’s innermost experiences.


In the West, particularly, psychology is rooted in the analytical process. In many instances, certain psychological anomalies are placed in categories, and treatment plans are developed with relative uniformity.


While there is no doubt that psychology has done much to relieve the suffering of millions of people, there are times when traditional courses of treatment don’t seem to work all that well. For instance, people can spend years, even decades, trying to overcome trauma and vanquishing inner demons, and it seems they will never get it resolved.


There are methods, such as EMDR, which treat clients differently than talk therapy does, and of course, there is hypnotherapy. Both of these modalities seek to assist clients in their efforts to bring forth unconscious material that dictates their current behavior patterns. This characteristic distinguishes hypnotherapy from hypnosis, which is more focused on offering suggestions to help a client modify behavior.


Both EMDR and hypnotherapy are effective in helping clients break through the blocks they might have, so they can come to understand why they act the way they do. In most cases, even with EMDR and most methods of hypnotherapy, there is an element missing that turns out to be crucial.

All Hypnotherapy is Not the Same

Hypnotherapy is an effective tool because it encourages the client to get in contact with subconscious material that influences behavior. While this certainly is of benefit, there is more to people than their minds. Not all hypnotherapy training programs provide the kind of depth that is required to give clients the healing power they need. This is because they are largely based on the more rational, scientific models of psychology.


In truth, psychology can, and most likely should, be so much more. In this thoughtful blog post, Dr. Itai Ivtzan states that the word psychology is derived from the Greek language. Logos, of course, means “study,” and the word psyche means “Mind” or “Soul.” He then points out that in the West, psychology is taught as the science of mind, and that the soul is often not taken into consideration.


There is a fine line that therapists must not cross when it comes to speaking about a client’s religion. Yet, their clients need to address their spiritual development as well as their mental health. While the wounds people have affect the mind, it is very important to repair the damage that the same traumatic events inflict on the soul. It is essential to address these deeper, more spiritual realms with clients, particularly those who have suffered from trauma.


The popularity of more holistic ways of treating people is obvious by observing the ubiquitous presence of mindfulness training. Even in the most sterile, buttoned-down organizations and corporations, there is an increasing awareness of what the word psyche really means. People are discovering that they have a spiritual dimension, and that reuniting with that part of themselves brings serenity and calm into their lives.


Psychology, over the last several decades, has made progress in this direction, as well. In fact, the changes in the way some psychologists think has helped to spur the movement toward more mindful, and soulful, living.


The Humanistic-Existential school of psychology comes close to bringing together the mind and spirit of the human being. However, the Transpersonal school of psychology is based on humanity’s need to establish and maintain some sort of spiritual connection.


The Wellness Institute developed Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy™ with this blending of clinical work and spiritual transformation in mind. This not only makes Wellness Institute training unique, it makes it tremendously effective. Clients walk away from their sessions with a profound sense of the presence of the soul they may have ignored before. And, those who already have strong spiritual connections appreciate the consideration and incorporation of the “Soul Angle” into their therapy.


Discover the Power of the Soul Angle

When you study hypnotherapy with The Wellness Institute, you learn how to address your clients’ issues thoroughly. Clients are encouraged to identify and connect with their spiritual nature in the course of the session.


Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy™ uses techniques that allow clients to regress back in time to retrieve parts of them they may have left behind, such as their self-esteem, their ability to trust, or their ability to love. These parts may not have a lot to do with a person's mind, but they certainly have everything to do with their ultimate healing.


The Wellness Institute offers a range of training opportunities that allow you to explore these techniques, and also to benefit from them by effecting your own healing. Even in our basic course, The Six-Day Hypnotherapy Training and Certification Program, you will get to experience this deeply transformative modality. You will learn how to conduct Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy™ sessions, observe others as they do the same, and then experience the sessions as a client.


Of course, you’ll also learn the basics of hypnosis, suggestibility, trance states, inductions, NLP, and the laws of the mind. The course also demonstrates how hypnotherapy can be used to effectively and completely treat issues such as codependency, addiction, eating disorders, sexual abuse, and mind-body dysfunction.


Once you finish the The Six-Day Hypnotherapy Training and Certification Program, you can deepen your knowledge and training with The Advanced Internship, go on to lead groups made up of current and prospective clients with PTI Leadership Training, and immerse yourself in Jungian techniques in our Mentorship Program.


The Wellness Institute offers a comprehensive training curriculum based on techniques that are deeply rooted in the science and art of helping clients achieve better mental health by addressing the needs of the core of their being—the human soul. This training will change your clients’ lives…and yours.


Don’t delay! Our 2022 classes are filling up at a rapid rate.


Enroll in the Six Day Hypnotherapy Training and Certification Program at the Wellness Institute today!

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