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Integrity: The art of being loyal to our best selves

Posted by The Wellness Staff  Feb 7, 2022 11:26:58 AM


What is integrity? Those of us who’ve studied with Wellness have at least seen what’s called The Integrity Checklist. It lists various areas of life where a person might need to be more attentive to being true to oneself, where honesty and conscientiousness are needed in order to complete certain tasks. These include everything from returning borrowed items and asking for the things you’ve loaned to be brought back, to paying all your bills, cleaning your living space, and setting healthy boundaries in all your relationships.


This character-buliding practice, which involves placing ourselves in positions where we can say we “have our acts together,” helps us to live our lives more fully. It also makes it easier to build better families, communities, and societies. Most animals, especially dogs, seem to be born with integrity, and they live their lives in faith, trust, and loyalty to their pack. We humans can learn a lot from them.


Living in integrity allows us to be at peace with ourselves, and in harmony with our highest potential. It allows us to resolve conflicts from a place of willingness to look at both sides of any situation, and to admit it when we have done something offensive. With this alignment of intention, embodiment, and action, we can find the fulfillment that comes with living up to our full potential as human beings. We can be more focused, and not waste energy on making excuses or beating ourselves up for not doing the things we know we should.


What is it like to not live in Integrity?

When we look around, it’s pretty obvious that there are all too many people who have either never seen The Integrity Checklist, or who have allowed the opportunity to use it pass them by. Those of us who do our best to live in integrity know what it’s like to be free of the burdens that falling short of our best efforts can bring.


Those who are more concerned about “getting over” on people, or getting away with doing less than what they promised, might believe they’re ahead of the game. In fact, they’re cheating themselves. When a person doesn’t do what is right,most responsible human beings, ultimately feel shame. Shame is a very difficult emotion to deal with. It tells us not just that we did something bad, but that we are bad.


When we don’t put forth the effort to “walk our talk,” it shows up in our lives in ways that we might not even see. It’s almost as though a shadow part of us does things that we say we would never be involved with. We see this all the time, mostly in our pathologically divided society. When a person, usually a politician, celebrity, or other public figure, says they believe in one thing, then acts in ways that are totally contradictory to what they profess, it can be truly disturbing to those of us that admire them.


We like to think we can trust people, and when it becomes apparent that it might not be appropriate to do so, it causes us to close ourselves off. Being unable to trust breaks down relationships. We see it all the time nowadays, in our one-to-one interactions, in our families and communities, and definitely in our society. Moreover, we see both the undesirable behavior and the effects it has on others in our clients, each and every day.


Why do so many people live out of Integrity?

The dysfunctional condition of living out of integrity has become all too common, it seems, particularly over the last few years. What is it that causes people to make promises, and then renege on them? Why do people tell you they have every intention of being supportive and helpful, and then take advantage of you?


One explanation could come from the psychological damage so many have suffered due to the conditions brought on by the pandemic. Isolation, the fear of losing a job, reduced income, the ability to collect “extra” money through unemployment compensation, the ease of abusing the business loans that were given out, and the fear that pervades the population could have contributed to the degradation of people’s morals and behavior.


Uncertainly, especially when health, life, and death are involved, creates anxiety. Anxiety, which is based in fear, can make a person lose touch with that highest self, and default to the basic drives of the ego. Survival becomes the chief, and in many cases, the sole concern. This is where, out of desperation and fear or losing money or missing out on more opportunities, people begin to act out of integrity. If they want to find their way back out of living in shame, they need to rebuild their trust. They need to trust themselves, before they can even think about putting their trust in the people that surround them.


How can we bring people back to their Integrity?

Working with clients who present with depression, anxiety, fear, and shame can be very challenging. However, the circumstances of the last few years have brought an increase of these and other issues that people need to heal. It’s interesting to note that, in many cases, the key to this healing is bringing clients back into integrity.


How can this be done? Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy can allow a person to revisit experiences that are at the source of the fear and anxiety, loneliness, sadness, anger, and shame that they are feeling. Once the clients regress, they get the opportunity to express and release these emotions, place them into context, and become reacquainted with the best and highest part of themselves.


Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy enables the client to revise old ideas about who they are, what they are like, and how they choose to behave. These affirmations bring them in closer touch with their resources: a spiritual connection, a wise inner adult, guides, lost soul parts, symbols and/or phrases that strengthen them. When they have these resources to carry with them in life, they have a much easier time overcoming fear, anxiety, and the other drivers that create negative behavior. They can then find their way back to living in Integrity.


How can you bring more Integrity into the world?

The answer to this question is simple. Learn Hypnotherapy at The Wellness Institute!


The Six-Day Hypnotherapy Training and Certification Program is designed to teach mental health professionals how to use Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy to help their clients to heal. During the training, you’ll learn how hypnotherapy works, and experience it yourself. You’ll see how it can be used to address your clients’ issues, and how it can help your clients to accelerate their progress toward living a life of honesty, integrity, and loyalty - to their highest and best selves.


If you’re already a Six-Day graduate, this is a great time to enroll in more intensive training. The Advanced Internship will enable you to experience deeper healing and understanding, as you acquire more expert skills in Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, Heart-Centered Breathwork, and Heart-Centered Psychodrama. After Internship, you can move on to the PTI Leadership and Mentorship Programs. The Transpersonal Life Coaching Program is also available to those who want to go beyond being a therapist to helping clients master their lives.


All classes are conducted online. There’s no need to go to the trouble of travel or the expense room and board. Students and teachers alike marvel at the flexibility and intimacy there is to be found in these online class groups. The hugs we give one another may be virtual, but the love we experience is very real.



When you enroll at The Wellness Institute, you will embark on a journey that offers you a firm understanding of who you really are, and how you can do your very best to heal your own wounds, as well as those of your clients. You’ll also become part of a network of professionals you can joyfully remain connected with in years to come.


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