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Hypnotherapy and the Pandemic: Be an effective but neutral guide

Posted by Judi Vitale  Sep 9, 2021 6:41:02 AM

Helping clients find the inner compass with Hypnotherapy


Too many options


The flood of information coming at all of us these days can be confounding and stress-provoking, especially in the midst and wake of a global pandemic. The opinions of experts contradict one another on a daily basis, and the looks of derision a person can get, whether masked, vaxxed, or neither, are enough to drive our clients into a stress-induced state of utter confusion and indecision.


For many clients, this can be quite a serious matter. For instance, what if a woman who believes the vaccine is the only way to avoid getting COVID begins to date a man who doesnt want to take the shot? Or, what if a doctor who is unsure that mRNA technology is ready for prime time” is faced with the dilemma of getting the vaccine or losing his privileges to practice at his hospital?


With so much conflicting scientific information in the world, plus the added confusion created by passions that attach politics to the COVID situation, its no wonder clients are overwhelmed by the many decisions they may be forced to make.


How can you help? 



Be an effective but neutral guide

Every good therapist knows that its not appropriate to make decisions for clients. As therapists, we can listen, and help clients sort through their options, in hope that theyll come to a decision that supports their best interests, and also leaves their personal sovereignty intact.


Its not always easy to avoid sharing our own conclusions about science or the politics involved in public policy, but its a good idea to remain neutral. This is not only because therapists dont have all the answers about science. Weighing in too heavily with clients about their medical decisions is beyond the scope of the therapists practice. Medical professionals are the only ones with the authority to opine about the effects on their patientshealth.


How can you, then, guide your clients through a reasonable decision making process, when they come to you with issues involving the pandemic? Is there a way to help your clients to get to their true feelings about these matters, which also gives them the dignity of retaining their own personal sovereignty?


Hypnotherapy: access to inner knowing

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy offers solutions to clients, and you. With this modality, you guide clients through a process that provides access to the bridge between their unconscious and subconscious motivations and the rational mind.


For those whose rational minds are overwhelmed, confused and befuddled, it can be quite helpful to discover how ones inner knowing” can contribute to the decision making process. Hypnotherapy allows clients to relax the conscious mind so that information that is true to the clients true feelings can come to the surface.


The inner knowing” is the internal compass every human being has. Most people will recognize it as a voice emanating from inside, the one that holds the ultimate wisdom that discerns what is truly good for us. No one knows for sure what, exactly inner knowing” consists of. Is it the elusive soul” or spirit” within us? Is it part of the gut brain” or heart brain” or is it simply pure instinct?” Most likely, its a combination of these factors and much more.


When people make decisions that are based solely on empirical information, they often miss out on the opportunity to check in with themselves and see how well a decision will align with their basic, essential way of being. The segment of the brain that processes rational material makes up only 10% of its total capacity.


The subconscious and unconscious portions of the mind, which can be accessed in hypnosis, are responsible for the other 90% of the brains processing work.

Hypnotherapy gives access to non-ordinary states of consciousness 

Hypnotherapy, by giving clients access to areas of the brain outside of the thinking, analyzing, and judging functions, provides information that is crucial for making sound decisions.


In hypnotherapy, the client experiences the ability to:

  • Sense, feel, and see patterns

  • Engage in secondary process thinking 

  • Achieve cognitive flexibility and inductive reasoning

  • Develop an internal locus of control

  • Greater sense of context


Gaining access to these areas of cerebral processing offers clients far more information than they can get from thinking and talking alone. With hypnotherapy, they get in touch with an inner guidance system that permits them to see that their gut” instinct could be every bit as valuable as all the contradictory information that floods our sensory receptors on any given day.


The therapist, by guiding the client through the Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy process, uses a tool that not only helps clients make decisions about masks, vaccines, and social distancing. Hypnotherapy empowers clients to make decisions that are based not only on their judgment of conflicting facts - but also on what feels” right to them.


Once the therapist brings a client to the point where she or he is able to make decisions with access to this inner compass, the client receives a gift that will last a lifetime: Empowerment.


Empowerment hands the client the ability to make decisions from a strong, well-supported and sovereign center. Dont you want to be able to give your clients this gift by learning how to practice hypnotherapy?


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