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How Do Successful People Become Successful?

Posted by Diane Zimberoff  May 13, 2015 1:00:00 PM


I hear over and over people having lots of plans, hopes and dreams but somehow that doesn’t seem to translate into success for them. Why not and how can this be changed?

The first reason for not manifesting goals is that we get distracted by other things and forget our original motivation. One day we may be all excited about losing weight and we decide to go to the gym and work out. Maybe we even purchase a membership and get a personal trainer. After a few weeks or months, we seem to lose interest or just get too busy, and pretty soon, like many things in our lives, we are on to something else.

The second reason for not achieving success is that on a deeper level, we may have doubts about ourselves that we aren’t even aware of. For example, many people set financial and business goals and yet have an internal ceiling that will not allow them to bring in any more money than they believe (subconsciously) that they deserve.

The third reason is that perhaps we know our goal but are not really sure about how to reach it. So if our goal is to work fewer hours and bring in more money, we are baffled about how to do that. Many therapists work long hard hours seeing very distressed clients, and at the end of the day have to fill out stacks of insurance claims that take months to become actual cash reimbursements. It can be frustrating and discouraging with no end in sight.

The Wellness Institute has been built and found success through one main principle that is called Master-Minding. This is a process developed seventy years ago by some of the most successful people in the world and it continues to work for all of our students.


  1. We help our students to find 3-4 other like-minded people who would like to join them in a Master Mind group. All of our advanced trainings have Master Mind groups formed on the very first weekend. These Master Mind partners commit to meeting either in person, by phone, Skype, or teleconference once per week or every other week.
  2. The most important recipe for success of all the members is commitment; committed to attend each meeting, and to the principles of Master Minding.
  3. There is a specified protocol that has proven to work and each Master Mind group follows that protocol, especially in the beginning. This means a specific amount of time for updating the group on your progress, a time for sharing goals, asking for brain-storming ideas from the others, and then completing the call.
  4. The final Master Mind process is an important affirmation by the group for the goals of each individual person. Each person gets to share their goals for the week and specifically say what they intend to do to reach their goals. We are very careful not to overwhelm ourselves by biting off more than we can chew!
  5. At the next meeting each person reports on what they did accomplish and what they did not. There is no shame, blame or excuses.  Just a reevaluation of what is working and what goals they may need to change or extend the date for completing.

Master Minding has been found to greatly expedite reaching goals because of the support provided by others and by the regularity of meeting. Also other people often see through our roadblocks, excuses and fears that may arise when setting goals. Thousands of our students have become extremely successful professionally, financially and personally in ways they never would have imagined possible without the loving support of their Master Mind group.