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Why Hypnotherapy Is the Missing Link to Powerful Treatment

Posted by Diane Zimberoff  Jul 2, 2014 10:00:00 AM

jigsaw 313585 640Studies show that the conscious mind, even though it is very important, is only about 10% of our minds. The conscious mind helps us to think, debate ideas, reason, and process short term memory experiences. All very important tasks.

The subconscious mind contains a full 90% of the mind! How so?

It contains long term memory, to help us “learn from our own history.” This demonstrates the profound saying that if we don’t learn from our history, we are likely to repeat it, making the same mistakes over and over again. So even though our conscious mind may completely understand our dysfunctional relationships or self-sabotaging patterns, it is not capable of making the necessary changes.

What we have discovered by exploring the intricacies of the subconscious mind, is that from very early in our development, we draw conclusions about ourselves which are programmed into the deepest core level of beliefs about ourselves. And then we make decisions about how to behave based on those conclusions. And this behavior is so deeply buried into our operating system that the limitations of the conscious mind do not allow us to find them or change them.


An example of this would be growing up in an alcoholic family or dysfunctional family system. Having the experience of sitting at the dinner table with an explosive parent who pounds the table and emphatically says, “You’re not leaving this table until you eat everything on your plate!”  Or sitting at the dining room table night after night with parents who are fighting, drunk or screaming at the children. A conclusion that the children growing up in this family might make about themselves is, “I’m a bad person.” Or “I’m not safe, even in my own family.” Then those conclusions may be followed by a subconscious decision about how to behave in order to feel safe. That decision might be, “I’ll just become invisible – if I become real small perhaps no one will notice me and then I’ll be safe.”

Later on in life such people may wonder why they cannot really be successful in reaching goals in their life. They become aware, perhaps in cognitive therapy or counseling, that they keep sabotaging themselves, hiding their own light, so to speak. Getting it all figured out in the conscious mind is certainly a good first step. But after lots of time and money spent trying to change this behavior of self-sabotage by talking about it, analyzing it and deciding to be different, most of us have learned the hard way that the self-sabotage continues!

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy Training

Professionals are flocking to receive hypnotherapy certification training because it has proven to be the most effective and efficient path to create change within ourselves and our clients. Through hypnotherapy we learn that the way to change these old stubborn patterns that have plagued most people for a majority of their lives, is to have direct access to the subconscious mind, discover what conclusions and decisions are still operating and re-program them. This is just like the operating system  of your computer. If you don’t upgrade the old system, it will no longer be operational. The old programs are just not sufficient to serve you. Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool in re-programming what no longer serves your highest good.



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