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Hypnotherapy Training In Only Six Days? Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Diane Zimberoff  May 15, 2013 6:30:00 AM

Hypnotherapy Certification Frequently Asked QuestionsWe would like to help answer some frequently asked questions that come up when professionals are searching for the right hypnotherapy training course(s).

1. Can I Learn Hypnotherapy in Six Days?

The Six-Day Hypnotherapy Certification Training is an intense six day training.

Because The Wellness Institute attracts mainly licensed mental health professionals and health care providers, we assume that they have a basic foundation in subjects such as developing rapport with clients, making assessments as to the current DSM diagnosis of clients, and basic interviewing and counseling techniques. Most other hypnosis schools enroll a wide range of students with little or no requirement for previous education in counseling or therapy or health care. As a result, they may require many more hours of training, and rightfully so.

The fact that most of our students are Master's level professionals, affords us the luxury of being able to teach trance inductions and deepening techniques as well as self-hypnosis in the first day and a half instead of stretching it out over a week. We do not have to spend three to five days teaching interview techniques, developing rapport, and how to assess the client's level of functioning and their appropriateness for hypnotherapy.

We then move right into the most exciting and challenging aspect of hypnosis which is incorporating hypnotherapy and trauma resolution into the trance state. We spend the majority of our six-day training by balancing clinical information with live sessions, videotapes of the Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy process with real clients, and hands-on experiential practicing. We are not just practicing trance induction and deepening techniques, but each student gets to be the therapist, the client and an observer several times during the training.

2. Will I be Able to Practice Hypnotherapy When I Return Home?

In general the answer is a resounding YES! If you have been a practicing therapist previously, this is a definite yes! People come into the training with all different skill and confidence levels and different tools in their tool box. The more previous experience you have in working with people, the more intuitive ability you have and the more overall confidence you bring, the more likely you are to leave the training and begin using the Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy immediately.

3. What if I Have No Practice or Don't Have a Client Base to Work With?

The Wellness Institute is highly regarded among professionals in the field of training due to our commitment to provide a wealth of support once you have completed the Six-Day Hypnotherapy Certification program. If you don't have access to clients, the supervision and internship groups will provide people to be a part of your practice sessions.

4. What Ongoing Support and Training is Available After the Hypnotherapy Course?

Supervision groups (not included in the price of the training) are ongoing, once per month, in each of the cities where the Six-Day Hypnotherapy Certification course is taught. These groups bring together other people in your area who have taken the training and who are working on completing their 20 practice sessions required to complete the certification process. These groups also attract all levels of certified hypnotherapists who come to further their learning and to network with other like-minded healers in their area. 

5. What if I Live More Than Two Hours Away From Supervision?

  • You can drive in and stay with another certified hypnotherapist in our network, then drive back home the next day. Our network support will provide you with someone within the supervision aread, and you will probably make a new friend!
  • You can also arrange Online Skype Supervision. We have graduates all over the country who are happy to do Skype Supervision and will arrange the time and fee with you.

6. Do You Offer Advanced Training After Completion of the Initial Hypnotherapy Certification Course?

Once students return home and begin doing their practice sessions, they begin to realize how much they learned... and how much more there is to learn. Because of student requests for further trainings, we developed the two-year Advanced Internship Training over 25 years ago. We are now  beginning our 60th Internship group. This program meets for four extended weekends per year, with the same students in each group for the entire two years. Each subject covered for one day in the Six-Day training is expanded to a whole weekend for a much more in-depth learning experience. The student is also learning group skills which allow you, eventually, to do this work with groups. This greatly increases your income as you learn to work smarter rather than harder. In other words, you earn more per hour when you are treating 10 to 16 people in a group setting rather than hour after hour of individual sessions.

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