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How find Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy Clients Using Social Media

Posted by Phoebe Layla  Sep 28, 2019 6:08:00 AM

It's no surprise that more and more brands are taking their business online. In fact, marketing experts from Maryville University state that digital marketing is on the rise, sparking a demand for content creators and social media gurus. Nowadays, brands can no longer afford to ignore their online presence if they want to stay competitive and reach their target customers. This finding holds true across all brands — from fashion shops and nail salons, to cupcake stores and gyms. Of course, therapists can also find value in social media, but the rules are a little different.

While most businesses leverage their websites to promote discounts and lure customers into buying products, the ethics of these engagements are questionable for therapists. After all, you're dealing with mental health. Nonetheless, mental health providers can still use social media to increase their practice's visibility, and in turn, help more people. Here are some tips.

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