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4 ways to discover your post-pandemic joy with courses at The Wellness Institute

Posted by Judi Vitale  Aug 5, 2021 6:44:48 AM

Repair the damage


Its been a very rough year and a half. The after-effects of being locked down” affected our clients, making them needier, and more anxious than ever. Isolation and worry about the future also had a big impact on us. As therapists, we often (inaccurately) believe that we can hold it all together, and when trouble comes around, we believe we can always deal with it much better than the average person.


While this might be true to some extent, we often under-play just how much we are affected by frightening things that happen in the world. The fear and concern brought about by the pandemic robbed many of us, of the joys of life. Without parties, gathering at networking groups, witnessing life passages such as weddings, first school plays, and graduations, life just didnt seem


Surely youve heard complaints about these things from these clients. Its a safe bet that if you feel youve missing out on the best of life, you experience disappointment. Perhaps, The Pandemic has left you feelingburned out,” angry, or sad. What is the best way to process these feelings?


At the Wellness Institute, our mission is to heal the healers, and train the teachers. Our trainings not only insure that therapists become better clinicians; they provide the opportunity for therapists to embark on their own journeys of personal growth and healing. 


When you enroll in courses at the Wellness Institute, you invest in your potential to heal both your clients and to reclaim your own joy. You learn to live with more freedom, engagement, and willing commitment. This pattern comes through exploring and re-framing unconscious messages that bind us to behaviors. These behaviors undermine our best intentions for personal and professional success.


Our four-part program is designed to provide training and personal growth for therapists to care about their clients, and themselves.


  1. The beginning

The Wellness Institutes six-day hypnotherapy training and certification program gives you the tools you need to help your clients find more peace and happiness. Through Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, youll help them to go back to the source of behavior that causes emotional disturbance and gets in the way of their success. When you take this course, and empower your clients to bring joy back into their lives. As a therapist, you will also get the benefit of using hypnotherapy to heal your deeper issues, even during the amazingly short period of time. In just six days, you will receive confidence and excitement as you complete this class.


  1. Advancing your skills

As an Advanced Internship participant, youll take your skills and your healing to new and deeper levels. The eight-session program, presented on weekends over a period of eighteen months to one year, covers the issues you deal with in almost all your clients. Learn to use hypnotherapy to treat:

  • Co-dependency
  • Addictions
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Mind-Body Effect
  • Eating Disorders
  • Relationships
  • Relationship addiction
  • Healthy Completions

When you practice Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy with your peers, you will also be introduced to other modalities that we teach. These include trainings in breathwork and psychodrama. Youll begin to develop a whole new depth of understanding when it comes to your own issues, as well to those of your clients. Your own healing will equip you to take on clients whose trauma and shock might otherwise be extremely difficult to treat. 


  1. Leading others

Once you complete your Internship, you may be invited and feel called to step up to PTI Leadership training. Here you will learn how to lead clients on a journey of Personal Transformation. In fact, thats what PTI” stands for: Personal Transformation Intensive. 


Upon completion of the Leadership course, you will be able to offer this program to both current and potential clients. The five-weekend community program covers the issues that you worked with during your Internship. A main difference is that the PTI curriculum is directed towards people from the community who are receiving this kind of healing for the first time. 


When you as the teacher, begin to facilitate your own PTI weekends, youll expand your practice as well as increase the potential of the clients you already have. The program is licensed by The Wellness Institute, and available to students who complete the four weekends of training.


PTI Leadership Training will immerse you in the technique of psychodrama, which helps the client to externalize inner voices that may have been influencing them for decades. Psychodrama gives clients the ability to get in touch with long-buried emotions, and process them for their greater healing. 


As a PTI Leadership participant, youll also get to experience the deep and thorough healing that psychodrama provides, while, at the same time, you learn how to facilitate the process for your own PTI clients. You will also be trained on how to structure the weekends, how to market the program, and how to ensure that your practice grows as a result of leading these transformative experiential seminars.


  1. Toward the inner universe of your soul


The path beyond PTI Leadership training takes you on the magical journey of Mentorship. In this program, youll continue your own healing process by exploring techniques developed by Carl Jung as well as much more. These three weekends per year open up a world that may bring the memories you might have of birth, pre-birth, and even the interlife. 


You will also deepen your ability to explore your own imagination by meeting your Inner Visionary, encounter the archetypes, and be propelled to more lucid psychological experiences by using the Tarot. The psychoid realm, complexes, and the mana personality are other intriguing destinations to which this journey will lead you.


The path of the Mentors program also potentially invites you to assisting and teaching Wellness Institute programs. Learn from the founders of the Wellness Institute, just how you can best work with your and your clientsdeepest desires, and open your own potential to teach these amazing techniques to others.


While our four-part course offering serves as the foundation of healing and learning at The Wellness Institute, theres more! Check our blog for upcoming articles on learning how to facilitate our TrimLife program, and how to work with hypnotherapy and other Heart-Centered techniques online with our one-day workshops in the art of Zoomnosis. 

The pandemic caused a great deal of pain, but it also brought us many healing opportunities. We hope youll embrace this chance to grow with courses from The Wellness Institute. Learn more today.

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